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Fashion is an expression of showing out the artistic creativity that one possess. Designers from different corners are emerging from their conch shell to create completely new masterpieces in the fashion industry. Every year aspiring fashion designer passes out from fashion industry with the zeal of creating a revolution in their industry.

To make these aspiring fashion designers make a name in the fashion industry Bespocut helps to provide the finest quality and cost effective fabric for various fashion outlets and designers. Trust Bespocut, for the high-quality fabric material that would greatly cater the fabric requirement that your store or fashion outlet has.




THE BESPOKE CLOTHING BUSINESS The bespoke entrepreneurs’ best friend

New Delhi, 29 July, 2017

Bringing a revolution in bespoke clothing to India, BESPOCUT is a techno-commercial business enablement platform, that will change the way designers in India create bespoke clothing.

Aimed at freeing the art and craft of India’s designers and tailors, Bespocut is powered by a cloud based application, that integrates the designers front end with Bespocut’s back end and logistics in such a way that they get access to globally renowned fabrics, trims and accessories with Just In Time delivery. Now there is no reason a designer in India cannot give the same quality of bespoke that is available in Savile Row or Hong Kong. The fabrics, linings and trims are sourced directly from the best mills in Europe and the UK, with the respective certificate of authenticity for peace of mind of the bespoke entrepreneur and their client. The virtual studio offers over 250 fabrics and a million combinations. The QR coded swatch cards provide each bespoke entrepreneur with an instant connect to the Bespocut supply centers.

When we improve the quality, the demand will rise, and tailors and designers will see better realisation of their efforts. Better income levels will lead to better and gainful employment growth, especially in the youth as Bespocut takes away the hassles of investing in and stocking high quality and high cost fabric and having to deal with unscrupulous dealers and traders. Instead, it lets them focus on their clients and craft while providing the best of materials with just a few clicks. The facility is based on fee and subscription model thus is easy to begin business with. It comes along with order taking, measurement storage and a robust CRM system that the business owners can use to track orders, identify repeat customers and make customer management easy.

Due to this model, bespoke entrepreneurs do not have to make investment in stock buying and storing, staff salaries and completely gets rid of a dead stock situation. Losses through theft, pilferage and spoilage too are eliminated. This ensures that break-even is swift and profit is maximized. The aim is to let business owners

successfully and ethically launch and develop their labels and brands and turn them in to global powerhouses.

With its launch in India, Bespocut aims to reach partners in the top 30 cities in the country in their first year, growing the business to 500+ style partners across the country in the first two years of operation.

Visit to learn more about the platform and solutions or please contact Pritish Aggarwal, +91 9968819151,
About BESPOCUT: Bespocut is a trademark of ASKA E-commerce Solutions Pvt Ltd., a company of the New Delhi, headquartered ASKA group. The 30 year old Aska Group is India’s leader in fire safety and disaster management solutions.

8 Vegetarian Indian Diets for Quick Weight Loss — Vogue and Fitness

8 Vegetarian Indian Diets for Quick Weight Loss Healthy and Delicious weight loss Delights Weight loss is becoming a trend to follow these days. Some are becoming lean either to gain attention or to look best in their outfits, only a nominal size of the population is doing it to stay fit and healthy. Healthy […]

via 8 Vegetarian Indian Diets for Quick Weight Loss — Vogue and Fitness

8 Vegetarian Indian Diets for Quick Weight Loss

8 Vegetarian Indian Diets for Quick Weight Loss


Healthy and Delicious weight loss Delights

Weight loss is becoming a trend to follow these days. Some are becoming lean either to gain attention or to look best in their outfits, only a nominal size of the population is doing it to stay fit and healthy. Healthy and lean body means a better way of living and a healthier way lies in the secret of eating well.

What is a Good Eating Habit?

The answer to this question is very simple a balanced nutritional diet. Now you must be thinking of certain crash diets to follow a serious No No to such fad diets. A balanced nutritional diet is the one which has is a complete package of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, fibers, and minerals too.

You might be thinking how one can reduce weight through carbohydrates faster. Well, our body structures are customized to digest everything in the minimal portions, the area of advice here includes fist sized carbohydrates or fats in your diet for an easy and quick weight loss journey.

The basic formula is to have at least 5 meals in a day to reduce your weight faster

List of Easy Meals to Quick Weight Loss

India is a country of paradox which offers a wide range of vegetarians recipes with good nutritional values for easy weight loss.

  1. Dhokla

Dhokla is a Gujarati dish with has a perfect combination of carbohydrates, proteins and rich fiber content made with the fermented batter of gram. You can Include 250 grams of Dhokla into your diet and see the quick weight loss results.

  1. Poha

Poha flattened light dry flakes of rice that swell on adding water to them. A prepared 1 full bowl of poha contains just 270 calories and high nutritional and dietary fibers for quick weight loss. Include this delicious dish in your meals for easy healthy dinners or normal snacking during the breakfast and see the quick results of this relishing dish

  1. Besan ka cheela

My all time favorite and tasty too. Yet another tasty dish on my plate with higher nutritional value with the tastes at par. The quick and easy recipe which I include in my meals most during the dinner for quick weight loss.

  1. Panner Tikka/ Tandoori Paneer/Cottage Cheese

After knowing the fact that paneer is a healthier weight loss recipe, with the indulgence of high proteins and calcium has been the best friends in my meals. One can include 100 grams of Paneer into their diet without compromising on their taste buds.  

  1. Sprout or Moong Dal

This easy to make recipe has been known through ages for a quick and easy weight loss journey. Try it with the other above mentioned means and compile them as per your preference for quick weight loss results.

  1. Cholla Chat or Chickpeas

This recipe is same as that of your sprouts are really easy to make. You can alternatively combine sprouts and chickpeas in your breakfast or lunch to see the weight loss results.

  1. Idli

South Indian dishes and flavors are truly gastronomic delights among South-Indians or North-Indian food lovers. No matter where you stay these quick recipes are easily accessible no matter where you live or located. One can include idlis made with suji for a healthier weight loss journey.

  1. Broken Wheat Dalia

Broken wheat is available in different forms and flavors in India. one can try Ramdev’s Patanjali Dali which has various grains ebbed in its package. try squeezing a pinch of lemon to make it taste even better.

We are creatures on earth with different body structures and different body types. Some structures respond to the weight loss faster than the others. No need to worry if you are not getting the results faster. Keep on doing your bits; you never know what turns out to be a quick weight loss story for you.

keep reading for quick and easy updates on weight loss, fitness and fashion trends to keep yourselves updated.

Fat to Fit – Fitness Guide on How to Reduce Weight through Water

Daily water diet

Water considered to be the most important substance on earth is often neglected by most of us. We might have heard during our middle schooling that our body is made up of 60% water. Our lungs kidney, heart, brain, our digestive system, our every single body cell requires water for its functioning.

Remember “healthy mind is in a healthy body”, we all follow a busy schedule- a hectic routine, wherein working while sitting at a place becomes important. We tend to gain weight every now and then. But isn’t it affecting our health badly? If yes then here are a few things you should try experimenting with water.

Like most of the websites, I am not going to discuss the fad diets or exercises that are difficult perform. This blog highlights a few important things you should know why water is of such a great importance to all and how it can accelerate your weight loss.

images (1)
Quick weight loss

Let us first know how water contributes to weight loss

  • Increases appetite
  • Flushes out wastes
  • Acts as an entire body detox
  • Drinking water increases the calories you burn

In fact, it is a trend in the US that whosoever wants to reduce weight, should increase their water intake to the maximum in order to reduce their weight faster. A person who is serious about reducing the weight must consume half liter water on an average after every hour.

Moreover, studies were conducted to check out the results of weight loss through water intake and the results were fantabulous. Those who drank more water, within regular intervals were able to see the health benefits 44% faster.

Water drinking can be a boring task for many, but don’t worry here are a few suggestions on how you can increase the water intake and how it may result in faster health benefits.

  • Try green tea– we all have heard it already, green tea not only detoxify the body but also acts as a great weight loss substitute.
  • Try infused water– trends have changed and more and more people are finding out weight loss shortcuts. Substituting plain water with fruit infused water has some serious health benefits apart from the weight loss. Here is the list of 5 best-infused water that you can try and accelerate your weight loss journey:
  • infused water
    Infused waters to try
  1. Orange and blueberry
  2. Watermelon and mint
  3. Citrus and Cucumber
  4. Citrus and cilantro
  5. Rosemary and grapefruit
  • Go for Natural Juices– Natural juice contains no sugar and water intake is also high. Try not to sieve the fruit portion as it has a high fiber content and maximum nutritional value, which can definitely turn up to be a great health benefit in your weight loss journey.


  • Honey, Lemon Luke, and Warm Water– you can call it infused water too. Blend in honey and half lemon in a glass of lukewarm water. This easy mixture works great and reduces weight in a very short period. Try this mixture very first thing in the morning and check how it melts away the fat quickly.


Glowing healthy skin, acne free skin, better immune system are some of the other advantages of drinking water. If tracking your water intake is still a difficult task then try this fitness app by leap fitness group – water your body. This app sets a reminder and reminds you to drink water at regular intervals.

This blog highlight the benefits you get from drinking water. This blog features important substitutes that you can try if you are tired of drinking plain water.